Travel Worksheets


Travel/Meal Expenses within the USA This worksheet is designed to help you to prepare your per diem meal allowance and other travel costs within the continental United States. (One page).

Travel/Meal Expenses – Foreign This worksheet is designed to help you prepare your per diem allowance and other travel costs in foreign locations, plus Alaska and Hawaii. (One page).

Travel/Meal Summary An easy-to-use worksheet if you incur travel and/or meal expenses both within the continental United States and in foreign locations. (One page).

Meal Continuation Sheet This worksheet contains 31 lines for keeping track of many days/trips away from home within the U.S. or in foreign locations. (One page).


Domestic Meal Per Diem Rates

This link includes many U.S. cities and their per diem meal rates:

  1. If traveled between Jan 1, 2023 to Sept 31, 2023: click 2023*
    If traveled between Oct 1, 2023 to Dec 31, 2023: click 2024*
  2. For State: Select the state to which you traveled.
  3. For City: Select the city that you traveled to
    *If you do not see your city, the IRS will allow you to deduct $51 per day.
    When viewing the search results, use the very last column titled M&IE(5). Do not use other amounts.

Foreign Meal Per Diem Rates

If your business takes you to foreign locations, you are entitled to deduct your meals where your business was conducted. To find per diem meal rates for foreign locations, please click on the link below.

  1. Select the country to which you traveled.
  2. Select the month/year in which you traveled.
  3. Find your city name in the second column.

Use the column titled M&IE Rate. Do not use other amounts.
If you do not see your city, please use Other.