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*** NEW Excel based Data Organizers ***
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Excel Based Data Organizers

Excel is our default organizers.
Excel organizers are meant to be filled on the screen.
Excel organizers contain many useful features such as auto filing and auto calculations of W-2 info, home office info, rental expenses and more.

Please do not use the PDF version organizers as its more work for you and us.

Please use the PDF organizers, only if you are not able to use Excel or Numbers.

PDF Organizers below


Basic Organizer – Some of our sheets are available as interactive PDFs which allow you to key in your information right on your screen, save it to your computer, and email (or upload) as an attachment. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND SAVE IT THE FORM ON YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE ENTERING INFORMATION, OTHERWISE, DATA ENTERED MAY NOT BE SAVED AND WILL APPEAR BLANK WHEN IT IS SENT BACK TO US.
‘ denotes sheet is an interactive PDF.

*+ Basic Data Sheets Click here to print our Data Sheets #1, #2, Cover Letter, 1-2-3 Checklist, ACA Checklist and Pre-paid Audit Agreement. For all other data sheets scroll down below. (10 Pages).
* denotes sheet is part of our basic organizer.

*+ Refunds and Payment Options provides us with information how you wish to receive refunds or pay. (One page).

*+ 1-2-3 Checklist provides us with information about your tax status. (One page).

*+ ACA Checklist This checklist must be filled out and 1095’s attached in order to complete your tax return. (One page).

*+ Pre-Paid Audit Agreement explains our pre-paid agreement covering audits, notices, etc. Fees are based upon the complexity of your tax return. (2 pages).

Clients On Extension – use after April 15th please fill out the information requested on this form. Please print it out, fill it in and email or fax it to us. (one page).

*+ Data Sheet #1 is designed to give us information about you and your family, wages and withholdings (W-2), interest (1099-INT), plus various other income items, adjustments to income, child care information and estimated tax payments you made. It also has helpful tax information footnotes. (2 pages).

*+ Data Sheet #2 is designed to give us your itemized personal deductions such as medical expenses, taxes, mortgage interest (1098), home/co-op owners tax deductible expenses, charitable donations, professional and job related expenses, plus investment expenses and other deductions. It also requests information about your auto usage and expenses for business, and contains helpful tax information footnotes. This sheet includes a section to enter dividend income from stocks and mutual funds. (2 pages).

Additional Data Sheets for Specific Needs

+ Data Sheet #3 Business Income and Expenses (1099-MISC) is designed to give us information about your self-employed, freelance proprietorship business. It requests your business income, cost of sales, business expenses and office-in-home information. It also contains helpful tax information footnotes. (2 pages).

+ Data Sheet #4 Rental/Royalty Income and Expenses is designed to give us information about your rental property. It requests your rental income & expenses. It is also used to report royalty income. (2 pages).

+ Capitalization Policy All business and rental property owners must adopt the new IRS required capitalization policy(s). A separate policy is required for each business/rental property. The adoption allows the owners to expense any item costing $2500 or less. The IRS announced that they will not challenge the expensing of these items if a policy is in place. Please note that these items may be challenged for other reasons such as lack of receipts or items that are not applicable to the business/property. Please fill in the blanks with your business name. If you do not have a business name, fill in your name. For rental property please fill in the blank with the name of the owner(s).

Data Sheet #5
This sheet, designed to provide information about your sales of stocks and mutual funds and their associated costs, must be reported to the IRS on your tax return, schedule D. In the last few years, the IRS schedule D and its associated supporting schedules, have become very complicated. Therefore we will prepare this organizer for you. Please send us all your 1099-Bs and associated reports to enable us to fill out this organizer.

In addition, many financial institutions provide the needed transactional data in Excel format.
Please go to your financial institution’s web site, or call them, and see if you can obtain the needed information in an Excel format. If you are able to obtain the Excel data sheet, please e mail it to us.

1099-R Retirement Income If you receive two or more 1099-Rs, please print out this sheet and fill it in. Enter all your retirement income: IRA, SEP, 401(k) or Pension Plans and attach your 1099-Rs and 5498s for your records. (One page). If the 1099-R box 7 has A ‘ I ‘, please tell us why you took the distribution.

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion-2555 This is applicable if you lived and worked overseas, for a full calendar year, or you were outside of the U.S. for at least 330 days in any 12 consecutive months starting or ending in the year for which you are filing. (2 pages).

HSA – Health Savings Accounts Form 8889 + 1099-SSA If you contributed or distributed funds to or from an Health Savings Account (HSA), please use this sheet to provide the information needed to include with your tax return. (One page).

Moving Expense Form 3903 (No longer deductible on the federal return EXCEPT if you are a member of the armed forces. Moving expenses are deductible on the state level only if you are moving into the state or within the state.) This form provides us with the information needed to deduct your moving expenses. (One page).

Medical and Dental Expenses This worksheet will help you summarize all your medical expenses. (One page). Please keep receipts. NYS audits this expense.

Real Estate – Shared Expenses This sheet allows you to allocate deductible real estate taxes and mortgage interest paid on property you share with others. (One page).

NCC (Non-cash Charitable Contributions) is designed to collect information about your non-cash contributions such as clothing, furniture, books, etc. A sample form with explanatory notes and a helpful Valuations Guide are provided. (3 pages). Also see NCCS Statement.

Track Your Non-cash Charitable Donations on your iPhone Do you remember every single non-cash charitable donation you made and its fair market value? No? Okay try iDonatedit at iTunes App store.

NCCS Statement is designed to summarize information about your non-cash charitable contributions. This simplified form is what we need to prepare your tax return. We suggest that you download our NCC forms and fill them out for your own recordkeeping purposes. You should also obtain a receipt from the charitable organization for your records.

Casualty & Theft Losses 4684 You can claim the amount of Casualty and Theft Loss as a deduction on your tax return if the conditions on this sheet are met. (One page).

Adoption Tax Credits Form 8839 for parents who have completed the adoption process, this tax credit is available to those who have incurred qualified adoption expenses. (one page).

Dependent Care Tax Credits Form 2441 should be filed out if you paid for nursery, day camps or other child care facilities for children 12-years-old or younger. (Not including food). (One page).

Education Tax Credits Form 8863 The American Opportunity Credit is available for students studying at post secondary educational institutions. The Lifetime Learning Credit is available to those who wish to obtain a degree or improve job skills. (One page).

Residential Energy Credits Form 5695 There are two tax credits available to taxpayers who made energy saving improvements to their residence. Both credits may be available to you. (One page).

Allocation of Days This form is to be used by employees or self employed individuals who have a regular place of business in New York (or any other state) and live in another state and travel for their jobs outside of NYS (or any other non-resident state). By keeping track of this information you can lower your non-resident state taxes. (One page).


Foreign Banks and Financial Accounts If you have one or more foreign accounts, you should read this. The rules are complex, the requirements are onerous and the penalties horrendous. (One Page)

FBAR Report Form FinCEN 114 Due April 15th with automatic extensions to October 15th if an extension for income tax return is filed. If you have foreign financial accounts such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, mutual funds, etc. or have a signatory authority over such accounts, and on any one day during the year, the total value of all accounts exceeded $10,000, you are required to file this form. There are heavy penalties for late and non filing. Fill in the necessary information needed here. (Two Pages)

W-9 & 1099’s

Please see important information about W-9 forms below.

W-9 In order to protect yourself from possible penalties due to incorrect names or social security numbers, you should request each of your freelancers to complete and return to you a W-9. Keep the W-9 with your tax records. You do not need to submit it to the IRS.

1099 Data Sheet If You Hire Freelancers or Independent Contractors, You Must Issue Them 1099s. These sheets are designed to provide us with information needed to prepare 1099-MISC forms for freelancers and independent contractors who worked for you. (5 pages).

NY Sales Tax

NYS Sales Tax Reminder If you file quarterly sales tax returns, print this reminder and follow the instructions. (One page).

Long Lists

For your convenience we have created forms for those who need more room to list multiple interest, dividend, or W-2 sources. (One page each).

Long W-2s List       Long Extensive Dividends List       Long Interest List