Other Information

Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts If you have/had foreign or financial bank accounts please read this.

Form BE-10 is a mandatory form that must be filed. This new requirement must be filed every 5 years. This is NOT a tax filing, just a survey. However, it carries high penalties of at least $2,500.

Entity Formation Entity Formation We can set up your LLC, LLP or Corporation, just click on the link, fill out the Entity Formation sheet and send it back to us.

CTA BOI Reporting requirement of ownership most entities. The CTA requires entities and their owners to report ownership information starting in 2024. There are heavy penalties for non compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions This sheet has seven items that we are always asked. Topics like deadlines, mileage rates, estimated payment due dates are mentioned. Take a look and print it out.

Debit Card Information Debit cards are popular but are dangerous to use. Please read this if you use them.

Safer Credit Card Use Please read this page of Dos and Don’ts regarding your credit cards. Be on the alert guarding your credit card information from thieves.

Married Women in Tax Limbo If your name doesn’t match your social security number you may have problems. Please read this to find out why.

IRS Holding Millions in Unclaimed Funds The IRS is holding millions of dollars in unclaimed funds. If you haven’t received your tax refund check, read this. If you think the IRS owes you money, you can call their toll free assistance line.other_info

Our Privacy Policy The FTC requires Tax Practitioners to disclose their privacy practices and policies. Please read ours here.

Consent to Disclose Form Tax Practitioners are required to be authorized by their clients to release specific private information to specific individuals or organizations. By completing, signing and dating the Disclosure Consent form and returning it to us we will be able to release this information.

New IRS Regulation This new regulation affects how we communicate with our clients.

CA Independent Contractors If you hire freelancers in California, please read this. You are required by law to report to the EDD if you have paid $600 to an independent contractor (freelancer) within 20 days of paying or contracting them.

The IRS and Identity Theft The IRS has implemented a program that places “identity theft indicators” on a taxpayer’s account after the taxpayer has been a victim of identity theft.

Avoiding and Reporting Identity Theft Immediately call the telephone numbers provided so that you will not be liable. The three major credit bureaus offer “security freeze” protection to all consumers. The security freeze stops identity thieves cold by preventing them from using stolen information to open fraudulent accounts. (2 pages)

Free Credit Reports Print this form for a free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus.