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New NYC Paid Sick Leave Law Under the law, employers with 5 or more employees, must provide PAID sick leave to their employees, allowing them to care for themselves or their families. Employers with less then 5 employees, must allow employees leave without pay.

A New NYS Labor Law: When hiring new workers, employers must give them written notice of their pay and the regular payday. This notice must be given on an Official Form (1 page) from NY State Department of Labor as well as Wage Rate Sheets (2 pages.)

Tax Tips Whether it be W-4s or I-9s, you must be aware of the what the government requires of you. 1099s and W-2s must be mailed out at specific times. Download this 2-page newsletter and note the information you need. (Two pages).

Getting an Employer ID # (EIN)
There are two ways. Follow our step-by-step instructions for either way here.
Get an EIN via phone, fax or mail.
or Get an EIN online.

Info for New Employers If you need to hire employees, follow the steps for your state. Click on your state below. (One page).

W-4 Form Use this form for your employees to select how many exemptions they wish take for payroll purposes, which should be kept for your records. (One page).

W-9 Form Every new subcontractor (freelancer) should fill out a W-9 form, which should be kept for your records. (One page).

Form I-9 and I-9 Instructions Form I-9 (two pages) must be completed by each employer and employee to determine whether the employee is eligible to be hired. A list of acceptable documents are printed in I-9 Instructions (7 pages). An employee may use any document from Column A or one document from Column B + one document from Column C. This new form was revised on 3/8/13 and has new added data fields, including employees’ foreign passport information (if applicable) and telephone and email addresses.

Employing Freelancers Employing freelancers? Watch Out!
The IRS and the states are specifically targeting for review employers of freelancers. There is nothing wrong with hiring freelancers if you know the rules. Please read this page.

Employment Posters The Department of Labor requires employers to display Minimum Wage Rates for their employees. If they do not, there are penalties. See page for links for free posters in pdf format that can be printed and posted. (One page)

CA Independent Contractors If you hire freelancers in California, please read this. You are required by law to report to the EDD if you have paid $600 or more to an Independent Contractor (freelancer) within 20 days of paying or contracting them. (One page).

5305-SEP If you are self employed and wish to set up a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) please download this form and instructions. Before you set up a SEP- please check with our office if you qualify and the amount that you should contribute. (Two pages).

(ACA) Requirements for Employers with Annual Gross Revenues in excess of $500,000.00 This letter details the requirements. (Two pages)

Sample Notice of ACA for New Employees Employers are required to notify all new employees about the ACA, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (One page)

Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit This Health Care Tax Credit may be available to small businesses that provide health care coverage to their employees. (One page)