NEW Excel Based Data Organizers

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Excel Data Organizers click here to download all five sheets which include:

Filing Preferences and Checklists Click here to print our Pre-paid Audit Agreement, 1-2-3 Checklist, ACA Checklist and Refunds and Payments Sheet.

Excel Data Sheet #1 is designed to give us information about you and your family, wages and withholdings W-2, interest 1099-INT, plus various other income items, adjustments to income, child care information and estimated tax payments you made. It also has helpful tax information footnotes. (2 pages.)

Interest & Dividend Income is designed to report 1099-INT and 1099-DIV. If you reported your 1099-INT on sheet #1, do not report it again on this sheet.

Excel Data Sheet #2 is designed to give us your itemized personal deductions such as medical expenses, taxes, mortgage interest 1098, home/co-op owners tax deductible expenses, charitable donations, professional and job related expenses, plus investment expenses and other deductions. It also requests information about your auto usage and expenses for business, and contains helpful tax information footnotes. This sheet includes a section to enter dividend income from stocks and mutual funds. (2 pages.)

Additional Data Sheets for Specific Needs

Excel Data Sheet #3 Business Income and Expenses (1099-MISC) is designed to give us information about your self-employed, freelance proprietorship business. It requests your business income, cost of sales, business expenses and office-in-home information. It also contains helpful tax information footnotes. (2 pages.)

Excel Data Sheet #4 Rent/Royalty Income and Expenses is designed to give us information about your rental property. It requests your rental income and expenses. It is also used to report royalty income. (2 pages.)

Excel Data Sheet #5 This sheet, designed to provide information about your sales of stocks and mutual funds and their associated costs, must be reported to the IRS on your tax return, schedule D. In the last few years, the IRS schedule D and its associated supporting schedules, have become very complicated. Therefore we will prepare this organizer for you. Please send us all your 1099-Bs and associated reports to enable us to fill out this organizer.

Excel 1099-R Retirement Income If you receive two or more 1099-Rs, please print out this sheet and fill it in. Enter all your retirement income: IRA, SEP, 401(k) or Pension Plans and attach your 1099-Rs and 5498s for your records. (One page).

Excel Foreign Earned Income Exclusion-2555 This is applicable if you lived and worked overseas, for a full calendar year, or you were outside of the U.S. for at least 330 days in any 12 consecutive months starting or ending in the year for which you are filing. (2 pages).

Excel HSA – Health Savings Accounts Form 8889 + 1099-SSA If you contributed or distributed funds to or from an Health Savings Account (HSA), please use this sheet to provide the information needed to include with your tax return. (One page).

Excel Moving Expense Form 3903 No longer deductible on the federal return EXCEPT if you are a member of the armed forces. Moving expenses are deductible on the state level only if you are moving into the state or within the state.

Excel Medical and Dental Expenses This worksheet will help you summarize all your medical expenses. (One page).

Excel Dependent Care Tax Credits Form 2441 should be filed out if you paid for nursery, day camps or other child care facilities for children 12-years-old or younger. (Not including food). (One page).

Education Tax Credits Form 8863 The American Opportunity Credit is available for students studying at post secondary education institutions. The Lifetime Learning Credit is available to those who wish to obtain a degree or improve job skills. (One page.)

FBAR Report Form FinCEN 114 Due April 15th with automatic extensions to October 15th if an extension for income tax return is filed. If you have foreign financial accounts such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, mutual funds, etc. or have a signatory authority over such accounts, and on any one day during the year, the total value of all accounts exceeded $10,000, you are required to file this form. There are heavy penalties for late and non-filing. Fill in the necessary information needed here. (Two Pages)

Excel 1099 Data Sheet If You Hire Freelancers or Independent Contractors, You Must Issue Them 1099s. These sheets are designed to provide us with information needed to prepare 1099-MISC forms for freelancers and independent contractors who worked for you. (3 pages).

Travel/Meal Expenses within the USA This worksheet is designed to help you to prepare your per diem meal allowance and other travel costs within the continental United States. (One page).

Performing Artists Worksheet is specifically designed for actors, musicians and performers to provide us with various professional expenses. It could also be used as a checklist of items to be deducted on Data Sheet #3. Please DO NOT DUPLICATE EXPENSES entered on Data Sheet #2 or #3 on this Professional Worksheet. (2 pages).

Residential Energy Credit (.xlsx) There are two tax credits available to taxpayers who made energy-saving improvements to their residence. Both credits may be available to you. (One page).

Long Lists

For your convenience we have created forms for those who need more room to list multiple interest, dividend, or W-2 sources. There are two versions of the list, one that holds up to 25 and one that holds up to 50. Please use the appropriate form.

Long W-2s List(25)      Long Dividends List(25)      Long Interest List(25)

Long W-2s List(50)      Long Dividends List(50)      Long Interest List(50)